Celestial Wolves in Scotland!

We left Robin Hood in Sherwood Forest and hit the road towards the most northern point of the tour: Scotland!

It took us over 6 hours and for some of us a lousy lunch somewhere along the road to get to Edinburgh, but once we entered Scotland the beautiful scenery made the trip worth the drive. And we didn’t even play ’till then!

Edinburgh was the first of our two Scotland shows. Unfortunately there was a lack of promotion which came to a point we almost had to cancel the show. Luckily, Tidings and the sound engineer did everything possible to bring some people to the venue and made it happen. Thank you, a billion times! Just one side note: shut down the vent on stage… After the show we met Bruce, who really wanted us to play Corporal Wojtek – which you can find on YouTube.

Since we could sleep at a friends place in Glasgow, we had to make the trip late that night. Gav, bassist in What The Blood Revealed, made us some soup, though! We left him a present (four Steenuilkes, a note and the Rock Bible) and went down town Glasgow to find the venue – 13th Note. It appeared to be a totally vegi place; the walhalla for our guitarist Johannes, hell for our driver Amaury!

In the afternoon we visited Glasgow, but the weather wasn’t great. So we had to find shelter in a museum or a pub. Fun fact: drunk guy sells cookies next to the GoMa; we kindly refused the offer…

In the evening we met our good friends in Envoys, with whom we would play another show in Leeds the next day. Our venue isn’t that big, but has an amazing history; bands like Mogwai, Godspeed You! Black Emperor and At The Drive-In played a show on that ‘stage’ !! So we were stoked to play and we had a blast! One of the best shows so far! Also on the bill: Vasa. One to remember, cool guys!

We could stay at Scott’s place, who’s also in the band What The Blood Revealed. In the morning we had the Scottish traditional dish for breakfast: haggis. Best breakfast on the tour! It tastes like the Belgian dish: “zwarte pensen” (black pudding).

Next stop: The Fox & Newt, Leeds!