Headline show in Coventry


Our London shows are finished, we headed up north yesterday to play at the Tin Music & Arts. Before the ride to Nottingham, where we stay, we went to a music shop down town London for a new drumhead. Not an easy ride…

When we finally arrived in Nottingham it was way past 4pm and then still had to drive for an hour to go to Coventry. At 7pm we actually made it to Tin Music & Arts. There’s not much near the venue, but a lovely place though. Since we directly drove to the venue we did not have anything to eat. So we decided to order a pizza. How difficult can it be to order 6 pizzas?! Don’t ask…

The schedule was right on time, only had 5min delay due to a minor problem with one of our amps – don’t ask either..
There were like 30 people on a Monday evening to see us headline for the first time and we nailed it! We even got someone to dance to our music! People were also nice to buy our album and support our record label. All hail Coventry!

Today, the 5th November, we have the day off relaxing, preparing and replacing stuff. Oh and bonfire tonight!

Note to self: touring is fun, but also exhausting: little sleep, junky (fast) food and a considerable amount of beers. Yes, someone was at his limit last night.

Tomorrow two shows! Come see and meet us in the Music Exchange Store at 3pm or see us headline at JT Soar in the evening w/ Wicket and Alright The Captain!