Last in Leeds

Leeds. Last stop on the tour.

After the our Scotland leg of the tour we drove all the way down to Leeds for our last show of the tour. The bill was promising: Envoys and Alright The Captain were on it too!

We got there in the late afternoon and unloaded the van right away. It would be the last time we had to get our gear up to the venue through a stairway. The sound engineer got in pretty late, so there was a delay for sound check, but overall we could start rather on time.

Envoys, who were in Glasgow the night before, played again an energetic set in ‘their’ Leeds! Really nice guys and powerful on stage.

For our last show, we cut our set list to make sure ATC could start on time. It was the least we could do, since they supported us in ‘their’ Nottingham.

Nonetheless, we played a powerful show; Joris’ string broke during the final chord of the final song. How poetic is that! The Fox & Newt loved it!

ATC nailed it and everyone went wild during ‘Honey badger’; we will see them again soon in Belgium when they play in Antwerp.

Stewart and his wife did an awesome job on this show; they got some really good bands on the line-up, made the merch table festival-worthy and were so friendly! We will get back to Leeds soon!

Leeds. Most northern stop of England.

The guys in Envoys took us down town for some late night drinks in a bar. When we got back to our van to get home, it was already freezing! We even had to scratch the ice of our windscreen..

So we got back to Belgium with lost of memories, new friends and fans, funny stories, but with a really good feeling.

Thanks to all promoters, fellow bands and last but not least all of you who came down to see us play and support us along the way.

UK, see you next time!