London – day 1

So we made it across the channel with this HUGE tour van (to our standards, this is our first ever tour, it is a huge van)!

We left rainy Belgium early in the morning to take the ferry in Calais and with ‘London Calling‘ as background music, this was an enjoyable drive. Once we got off the ferry, it was only a two hour drive to London – people get annoyed really quick in traffic.

When we finally made it to our hostel, we noticed we are sleeping next to West Ham United’s football stadium and that afternoon there was the game WHU – Aston Villa (boring 0-0 as we heard later).

Finding the Miller wasn’t an easy one. Due to road work near the venue we like drove around for an hour to find it! We didn’t know that it was a residential area so we had a tiny problem…

After dinner we prepared for our first gig in the UK – the sound engineer was really good and the sound check was great! Kunal Singhal, our promoter, put us on the bill with Shrine, Lost in the Riots and Tacoma Narrows Bridge Disaster – an incredible line-up!

We were supported by 25 Belgian friends to play what was on of our best shows ever! The sound was awesome, we put in all our energy and the people were all receptive. One to never forget!

Tonight we play as support act for the mighty sleepmakeswaves (Australia) and the lovely Midas Fall at Birthdays!

See you there!

Celestial Wolves