Supporting Midas Fall and sleepmakeswaves


After a rather short night we went to Birthdays at noon – our venue for our second show. Since it was too early to unload the van, we went to sightsee London, though we didn’t see that much of it but for that All Bar near the Tower Bridge where we met Tom Morris, singer-songwriter and member in Her Name Is Calla (he also played a show in London that day).

It wasn’t until late we got back and has something to eat. When we arrived at the venue, Midas Fall and sleepmakeswaves were already there, so we immediately unloaded the van and got our stuff near the stage. To make the changeover go faster we could use their gear – Wouter played sleepmakeswaves’ bass amp which was really roaring, Joris played Midas Falls’ amp while Mathieu hit their kit.

At 7:55pm we finished our soundcheck and we got on stage at 8:10pm. Even though this was a label night (Monotreme Records) quite some people showed up early to see us play, which was awesome! Our set was limited to 20min, but we put a lot of effort in it!

Opening for Midas Fall and sleepmakeswaves was a great experience! After the show we had some champagne and cake, we gave the bands and Kim Belgian beers before we got back to the hostel.

Our London shows are over and we are heading up north for the rest of our tour. Next stop: Tin Music and Arts in Coventry where we share stage with Those Amongst Us Are Wolves and Fangtrousers.