Two shows in Nottingham

As a result of our cancelled show on the 5th, we had the day off and went to the bonfire in the evening. For the local people in Nottingham bonfire night is just some fireworks and a fun fair as many have no idea what is remembered that day.

“Wednesday 6th November: Celestial Wolves to play the Music Exchange Record store and JT Soar.”

Two shows in one day and one of them in a record store in the city centre. Unfortunately it’s a drizzly day and we had to unload in the rain. The Music Exchange is not a big place and we actually took the entire store with our gear, though it was an amazing experience! After our show, which was attended by 8 people, there was a very nice old man who bought three of our albums – for his kids. Another guy wanted a signed copy. Cool experience!

Marty, guitarist in Alright The Captain, cooked us a meal in the evening at JT Soar, where we played our second headline show of our tour. The bill included The Wickets (a punk rock band from Nottingham) and Alright The Captain (who just got back from an Ireland tour).
For this show, we did not have a PA nor monitor, but the sound was really good! Curfew was 11pm, but we managed to stop in time.

Next stop: Scotland! Edinburgh and Glasgow. We hope people will show up for this one, since there was a lack of promotion due to bad communication.